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We bring your floors back to life!

Our knowledge, experience and attention to detail, along with friendly customer service has earned us an overall “A” rating in all categories and the Angie’s List Super Service award for the past 5 years.

Is the hardwood floor you’ve always dreamed about right under your feet?

Hardwood Refinishing Work

No matter how terrible your floors may look now, Midtown Hardwood can bring your floors back to life!

By using our custom refinishing process, we can transform your old worn out hardwoods into stunning floors that look brand new. Whether you live in a 100 year old Midtown home or a newer house in Collierville, you will be amazed at the difference refinishing your floors can make to beautify your surroundings.

You may think that a project like this is a huge undertaking, too messy and … “Oh, that smell!” Well, at Midtown Hardwood, we take the stress, the mess, and smell right out of the equation.

By using a dust containment system on every job, we are able to trap the sawdust that is created by the sanding process. Our powerful vacuums are hooked up directly to our machines so that all the mess is literally sucked right into our air tight containers.

At Midtown Hardwood, we want to make the refinishing process as safe as possible for you, our crews, and the environment. That is why we offer a water base polyurethane option at no additional cost to you.

While the water based products are almost double the cost of the oil based polyurethanes, our commitment to you and our environment is a priority. Not only is there minimal odor when using the water base poly, the dry time is only 2 hours! We can apply both coats of polyurethane in one day! As Bill likes to say, "the protection provided by using water base polyurethane on your floors will stand the Pepsi Challenge to any oil base product."

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Our hardworking crews have extensive experience in the field. They are all quality craftsman who take great pride in their work. Countless satisfied clients have remarked on their courtesy, eye for detail, the fact that they keep such a clean work site and most of all, their commitment to excellence. We are fortunate and grateful to have such a great team working at Midtown Hardwood.

Midtown Hardwood uses a thorough refinishing process that is unique to YOUR floor. Some projects need more “grit and grind” than others. For example, we have removed old linoleum floors in Midtown kitchens only to find beautiful Heart Pine floors underneath. The adhesive that is left in the wake of the demo will need our expert craftsman to come to the rescue. “Yes, we can get that up!”

Our crew will start by using a #16 or #24 grit sandpaper. They will take it up a notch to a #40 grit, and then hit it with an #80 grit paper. After grinding though three passes of sandpaper and a final screening of your floors, you will be ready to choose your stain color.

At Midtown Hardwood we put YOU in the driver’s seat when it comes to making your dream floors a reality. Choosing the right color for your floor is the biggest decision of the whole process.

YOU will have the opportunity to choose several colors from our “50 Shades of Brown” color wheel. As each floor sands back a little differently, we will put YOUR choices directly on YOUR floor so you have a true reading of the colors. Point to the one you like best and we’ll do the rest. After two coats of polyurethane, you’ll be ready to show off your beautiful “new floors”!

No Mess… No Smell… No Worries

No Wonder Midtown Hardwood is one of the leaders in the Memphis flooring industry!

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